Monday, August 9, 2010

Old Fashion Fun

Join us this weekend, August 13 & 14, for some old fashion fun at the 75th Newport Fair.  This is the Oldest Agricultural Fair still running in Virginia.  Located just minutes from Virginia Tech, you will be transposed into a bygone era!  Have fun watching the livestock show, children's pet show, horse pulling, jousting tournament, horse show, and competitions in field crops, fruits & vegetables, canning, baking, sewing and flowers.  Learn more about Newport in a presentation "Newport: Prehistoric to Now" and enjoy the music from Country Connection and Sinking Creek Band.

Appalachian Trail Hikers

Many Appalachian Trail hikers stay with us at our Virginia Bed and Breakfast, The Huffman House. We are located 1/2 mile from the trail on Rte 42 just outside of Blacksburg, VA and Virginia Tech.

We enjoy hearing their stories and telling them of our thru-hike in 1999.
At the beginning of July we had the distinct honor of having Roger Poulin (Adventurous Cane) and Roni Lepore (Ram Sham for Rambling Shamrock) stay with us.  Roger and Roni are both deaf and Roger is blind in one eye and has tunnel vision in the other.  They met at the Helen Keller National Center for the Deaf & Blind on LI three years ago.  Roni was studying to be an SSP (Special Service Person).  When she heard of Roger's dream to hike the AT, she decided to hike with him and be his support.  She is also an avid outdoors person.

Ron & I found the trail extremely difficult in 1999.  It's hard to fathom how Roger & Roni are doing it!  They hike faster than we ever did and they managed around our B&B as if they had always lived there!  We 'talked' by writing things in a notebook.  Roger is determined to hike the entire trail and Roni is very patient and loving in her support for him.  Roger wants to show the deaf-blind community that they can do things regardless of their disabilities and he also wants to educate the world about how valuable the service of SSP is to the deaf-blind community.

We were delighted and humbled to have met them and to be a small part of their hike.  I don't think we will ever complain about anything again!  You can follow them at blog: